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What's going on guys! Holiday Season has come and 2019 is around the corner. I used to stay in New York during Holiday Season and I was crazy about shopping there because of their markdowns, which you can get some products 75% off. This is crazy, isn't it? When you plan to go to NYC, feel free to ask me anything. My suggestion what to do there is just you have got to enjoy as much as you can. However, I have been surprised that many people miss some of great landmarks in NYC such as the world-foumas Rockefeller's Christmas tree, amazing beautiful ornaments in 5th Avenue, spectacular Broadway shows and best steak restaurant etc... You know, the more you enjoy NYC, the more you can get more fabulous experiences!


ハロウィーンはだいぶ盛り上がったようですが、日本ではまだ馴染みのない「Holiday Season」は皆様如何お過ごしですか?因みに、ホリデーシーズンは本来アメリカでの祝日「Thanksgiving Day」から始まるハッピーな祝日が固まる時期を言います。これから「Christmas & New Year」もありますので、皆様も思いっきり楽しんで下さいね♪




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